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The Sweet Swap 2014 Round Up

Over the past few weeks sweet treats have been making their way across Australia and into the hands of delighted bloggers!

The Sweet Swap's second year was another year of fun with much activity on instagram, twitter and facebook as sweets were tested, packaged, sent, received and tasted. We saw many a tasty treat we wish we had received and beautifully wrapped package that we were sure delighted their recipients.

Over 30 Australian bloggers participated this year and all did their bit by raising funds to support Vietnamese school children, helping them to get access to fresh drinking water. The small registration fee paid by each blogger contributed to providing a preschool in Vietnam with clean water by contributing filtering equipment, a tank to store clean filtered water and a child-safe tap. You can read more about our Charity Partner ChildFund Australia on our Charity page.

Below you will find the list of bloggers who participated in 2014 and the sweet treats they created (come back in a few days as each blogger adds their own link).

Amanda and Sara

The Sweet Swap 2014

The Sweet Swap is an online event open to all Australian Food, Parent and Lifestyle bloggers.

Last year was the inaugural year of The Sweet Swap, and with 58 bloggers participating the event was a great success. Bloggers came together to swap homemade chocolates and lollies, and raise money for charity. It was a great way for us all to interact and engage with each other. This year, The Sweet Swap is back and we are looking forward to seeing your new sweet creations.

The Sweet Swap is an event for all Australian bloggers no matter where in our vast country you live.  Participation is open to everyone that has a current updated blog.

Participating bloggers will be matched with three other bloggers from around Australia.  You make a sweet treat (chocolate, lollies etc) that will stand up to be posted via Australia Post to your three matches.  In return you will also receive three separate treats from three very different bloggers.

The event is a lot of fun as nobody knows who they will be receiving their sweets from.  Obviously you know who you are sending them to, but all you will know about the treats heading your way is that they will be from another active Australian blogger participating in the event.  Surprise packages from your secret matches, does it get any more fun than that?

Participation is fun, easy and very tasty.

STEP 1:  Register for The Sweet Swap
Click on the red button above and follow the instructions.  You will be asked to donate $6.30 which will be given to Child Fund.  (see The Charity)

Please Note: Registrations are now closed.

STEP 2:  Receive your blogger matches
On Monday 11th August  we will send you the names and addresses of three bloggers you have been matched.  These are the people you will be sending your sweet treats to.  You will receive your treats from three different secret bloggers.

STEP 3:  Make your sweets
Options are endless, fudge, toffee, honeycomb, bake, no-bake, cook, no-cook.  Regardless of your skill set the options are endless.  Just make sure that they are suitable to handle being mailed.  No cakes or biscuits.

STEP 4:  Mail your sweets
Package up your sweet treats well to survive the mailing process.  Your sweet parcels must be mailed by Monday 25th August and on their way to your matched bloggers.

STEP 5:  Sweet packages 
Wait patiently, or not so patiently, for three parcels to arrive from bloggers that were matched to you.

STEP 6:  Share your experience
Monday 8th September is the reveal date.  Place a post up on your blog about the experience, share photos and the recipe of what you made, as well as what you received and who it was from. 

STEP 7:  The round up
On Monday 29th August head over to The Sweet Swap website, link in your post to our round up and wait to see the complete list of who participated and what each blogger made.

Registrations Open – Tuesday 1st July 2014
Registrations Close - Friday 8th August
Matches Sent - Monday 11th August 2014
Sweets in the Mail - by Monday 25th August 2014
Recipe and Experience Posts Live - Monday 8th September 2014
The Sweet Swap Event Round Up - Monday 29th September 2014


  • You must be an active food, parenting or lifestyle blogger (you need to have posted in the last 3 months).
  • The event is only open to Australian bloggers.  
  • By registering to participate you are confirming that you are able and willing to meet the event deadlines.  Please think how sad your matched blogger would be if you didn't send them a sweet treat.
  • Your sweet recipe must be new to your blog.
  • Most important T&C…… have sweet sweet fun!

The Sweet Swap 2013 Round-up

Last year sweet treats made their way across Australia and into the hands of delighted bloggers!

The Sweet Swap's inaugural year was been full of its ups and down with its fair share of kitchen disasters and multiple attempts, but we hope that receiving beautifully packaged treats from other participants made it all worthwhile in the end.

We set out to create an event that challenged and delighted us, and we knew making sweets would lead to some difficulty and take us out of our comfort zones. What we didn't expect was the amazing ambition the participants would have in their pursuit of creating amazing treats and we applaud you all for your patience and determination.

53 food and lifestyle bloggers participated in the first year and all did their bit by raising funds to support Ugandan families. The small registration fee paid by each blogger provided three banana plants for a family in Uganda, allowing them to start a small banana plantation of their own. You can read more about our Charity Partner ChildFund Australia on our Charity page.

Below you will find the list of bloggers who participated in 2013 and the sweet treats they created.

Amanda and Sara